The most rewarding excursion destinations across Ötztal.

Nature, culture and history up close.

Where to go first when you are on holidays in Ötztal? There are as many answers to this as there are interests: from a glimpse of the Neolithic Age to an ultra-modern James Bond Adventure World, the enterprising have a full range of choices. Natural gems and cultural-historical treasures are lined up on the valley floor and across all alpine altitudes. They can be reached by public transport and car, by mountain lift or simply on foot. Discover the most popular top spots in Ötztal!

Timmelsjoch High Alpine Pass Road

The Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road winds its scenic way through majestic landscapes, past breathtaking vantage points and offers a truly unforgettable journey between Austria and Italy. The road leads through stunning mountain scenery and makes a real paradise for car and motorcycle enthusiasts looking for the ultimate alpine driving experience.

Top Mountain Star

At 3080 meters above sea level, the Top Mountain Star towers high above the valley and seems to touch the sky. The gigantic panoramic views and wide open alpine landscapes of the Ötztal Alps all the way to the Dolomites and the architectural masterpiece make this futuristic summit house on Wurmkogel peak an absolute highlight in Tirol’s high mountains. Enjoy the unique exclusivity of this top spot at breathtaking heights.

TOP Mountain Crosspoint & Motorcycle Museum

The Motorcycle Museum at Timmelsjoch houses an impressive collection of historic motorcycles that present the evolution of this fascinating means of transportation. Here visitors can step back in time through decades of motorcycle art and marvel at the engineering that brought these machines to life.

007 Elements in Sölden

At the heart of the Austrian Alps, the interactive 007 Elements experience offers a opportunity to indulge in the world of the most famous secret agent. From iconic films to spectacular stunts to the making of Bond movies, 007 ELEMENTS offers a fascinating look behind the scenes. It's the perfect place to experience the magic & glamor of the Bond universe up close.

ice Q Restaurant in Sölden

A fabulous mountain restaurant perched at 3048 meters above sea level in the Austrian Alps: ice Q offers awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountain scenery combined with top-notch culinary art. Visitors can dine here in a luxurious ambience while enjoying the unique combination of gastronomy and nature. Splendid ice Q is also known as a filming location for the James Bond movie "Spectre".

Local Heritage Museum Längenfeld

The museum of local history in Längenfeld is a window into the rich past of the village. The museum presents a varied collection of exhibits depicting the lives of Ötztal people throughout the ages. From farming tools to historical artifacts, the local heritage museum offers a fascinating insight into Längenfeld's local identity and way of life.


Due to its modern architecture and characteristic domes, the unrivaled AQUA DOME thermal spa center in Längenfeld offers a unique combination of relaxation and enjoyment of nature. The thermal springs promise soothing relaxation, while the awe-inspiring mountain scenery enchants all senses. A heaven where body and mind come into perfect harmony.

Suspension Bridge Längenfeld

Right at the heart of the impressive alpine landscape, the suspension bridge spans a ravine and offers courageous visitors a truly memorable adventure. It is not only a technical masterpiece, but also a perfect place to admire the beauty of nature from a completely new perspective. A walk across this bridge is a real highlight for anyone looking for excitement and spectacular views.

Nature Park House Längenfeld

Längenfeld’s scenic Nature Park House is a place of discovery in close connection with nature. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Ötztal Alps. Interactive exhibitions, informative guided tours and breathtaking panoramas promise an unforgettable nature exploration. Welcome to the heart of alpine beauty!

Ötzi Village Umhausen

The Ötzi Village offers a fascinating journey back in time to the Stone Age and life & culture of our ancestors thousands of years ago. Visitors can explore really authentic reconstructions of dwellings, working tools and everyday objects depicting life in the Stone Age. A surprisingly entertaining experience for all the family - discover the past in an exciting way.

Birds of Prey Park Umhausen

Located in the middle of the picture-book Tirolean countryside, the Birds of Prey Park Umhausen offers a fantastic opportunity to experience majestic birds of prey up close. From majestic eagles to agile falcons, the park presents a varied collection of these fascinating birds. A place where great enthusiasm for nature and education come together in a harmonious way.

Stuiben Falls

With a falling height of 159 meters, Stuiben Falls are Tirol’s biggest waterfall and attract nature lovers from all over the world. A scenic hiking trail leads to this awe-inspiring spectacle, while platforms provide breathtaking views of the roaring waterfall and surrounding landscape. The Stuiben Falls are not only a visual spectacle, but also a way to experience the immense power and beauty of nature firsthand.

Oetz Tower Museum

Located in a historic fortified tower, the Oetz Tower Museum presents the history and traditions of the region in a fascinating way. Visitors can delve into the past as they walk through exhibitions that shed light on people's lives throughout the centuries. From archaeological finds to folkloric exhibits, the museum offers a captivating insight into local history and identity.


The Widiversum in Hochoetz makes a perfect destination for adventurous families and curious young explorers. Together with WIDI - the lovely mountain sheep - and his friends you will go on in search of the magic crystal and master fun-packed and exciting challenges. The three theme trails turn an easy hike into a true experience for all ages.

Lake Piburger See

Nestled between green forests and surrounded by majestic mountains, scenic Lake Piburger See offers an oasis of peace and relaxation. The clear water invites you to take a swim, walk and relax, while the surrounding countryside makes a nature lover's paradise. A source of inspiration and peace for all those who want to explore nature in its purest form.


As the largest outdoor adventure park in all Austria, AREA 47 proves itself with myriad activities to get your pulse racing. Be it river rafting, canyoning, climbing or biking - what you will experience here is beyond imagination and makes even the most hardened outdoor enthusiast tremble. The brand new indoor bike park offers an action-packed program for all bike gods - even in bad weather.

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